Spectrum Autism Center Services

Center Based Therapy

Spectrum Autism Center provides individual behavioral therapy based on the principles of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The ABA approach includes specialized instruction in the areas of communication, behavior, cognition, adaptive skills, socialization, and play skills. The ABA approach is individualized for each child based on his or her initial assessment needs. Our program is designed for children between the ages of 18 months to 18-years.

Spectrum Autism Center utilizes research-based procedures such as Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Natural Environment Training, Verbal Behavior, generalization, and maintenance to ensure skills acquired are used appropriately in the setting or context of which they should occur. Your child will work one-on-one with an assigned behavior therapist(s) on their individual goals and needs. Progress is tracked daily using a variety of data collection procedures. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will oversee your child’s therapy, program development, and will analyze data and make daily data-driven decisions for each child.

Assessments:  An initial evaluation is conducted on each child prior to entry in the Spectrum Autism Center program. Each child’s skills will be assessed using the Verbal Behavior-Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) or other assessment tools based on their age or skill level. Individual programs are devised from the assessment to target specific skill deficits. Spectrum Autism Center reassesses children in the program every 6 months to ensure that they are progressing as expected.

Parent Clinic Meetings:  Families meet with their child’s case manager on a monthly basis. This provides families with the opportunities to discuss their child’s progress during clinic-based services, behavioral challenges, and to determine current and future goals.

Parent Training

Parents will receive training on how to support clinical services in the home environment by learning how to implement discrete trial and natural environment training; manage challenging behaviors and how to creatively implement adaptive, play, and social skills outside the clinic setting.

Community Training

Spectrum Autism Center offers topic-specific trainings and information presentations which can be developed based on the needs of your organization. For information on how to obtain training or information presentations for your organization, please contact our center.

Introduction to Autism

We offer Half-day “Introduction to Autism” trainings which are conducted several times a year. Some topics include, how to conduct preference assessment, how to complete a functional analysis, interventions that reduce problem behaviors and more.  Please visit us our site to learn when the next training will occur. If you have an organization that would like to have us present this half-day training, please contact our center.

Birth – 5 yrs Training. We offer specialized trainings to professionals who work with young children with ASD in early intervention and preschool programs. To learn more, please contact our center

University/College Student Training 

Our program staff provides presentations to higher education classrooms on topic related to autism. Additional we offer training opportunities to higher education faculty who are interested in presenting autism topics in their classrooms.

Brief Presentations on Autism

We offer a variety of presentations that are approximately 1-2 hours in length and little or no cost to non-profit organization who work and interact with individuals who have autism. These presentations include topics such as An Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Culture and Diversity When Working with Individuals with Autism, Resources That are available to families with children with Autism, Approaching Individuals with Autism, How to Talk About Autism with Curious Individuals and more. Please contact our center if you are interested in learning about these topics and more.

To Contact our Center for additional information or to schedule a presentation or training, please contact us at 989-702-2082